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  1. Jessica B
    Jessica B says:

    This was greatly inspiring and a solid reminder to appreciate EVERY opportunity. It’s so easy to, sometimes, lose perspective in the day to day activities of life and business. Thank you, coach!

  2. Erin G
    Erin G says:

    I’m re-watching all of the videos and wanted to leave a comment today! My homework:
    Mr. Knezek was my 5th grade teacher and the most memorable and inspiring. He was always friendly, engaging, respectful and went out of his way to make learning experiences unique and wonderful. Mr. Knezek treated a bunch of 5th graders like we were “real people”; he asked us questions and also for our suggestions. He had to teach what we would need to know for standardized tests but he took the time to put the information into “real world” scenarios. For math, we each kept our own “check books”. We accrued $$ according to our grades, willingness to help others, etc. The $$ that we saved we could put towards purchasing items in our class store or could even apply to bring up our grades. We were required to fill out our checks correctly and to balance our ledgers. For english, we went through the writing, editing,drafting process of creating our original stories and then we made our own books with hard covers and everything! Mr. Knezek was there for us when our class experienced the tragic death of one of our classmates and his family. I’m fortunate enough to still have some contact with Mr. Knezek and he is still sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with other educators, working as a lecturer.

  3. Mary S
    Mary S says:

    Such a great reminder of why we do what we try to do every time we have a chance to interact with a student and a horse or either one, any time! Thank you, Daniel.


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