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  1. Kathy H
    Kathy H says:

    Thanks for this Daniel. Recently, ok since January, my show horse has been stopping at the first jump on course. And I fall off. Every single time. Yes I know it might happen and I prepare for it to happen, and I still fall off. He’s a cheeky boy and the stop or drive by happens right at the jump, not a few strides before!

    Since March 1 I’ve changed my plan. I have a new coach and we’ve worked very hard on ME riding this horse. My hands are softer and not pulling. My position is solid and I’ve gained confidence through a month of flat riding.

    So now the dread … I want to take all this work and ride a short course of jumps but I’m concerned about falling off! Will my confidence and positive attitude overcome the nagging doubt? (I know it was me who caused the stop and I believe we caught it in time to fix). Others have been riding my boy and he is perfect over jumps.

    I worry my dread of jumping this horse, even though I WANT to, may mean I never do it. Hmm


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