Sport Psychology Lectures

Enjoy an upbeat, educational and light-hearted series of five hour-long equestrian sport psychology lectures, each with worksheets for taking notes and a quiz for testing your knowledge. This lecture series is perfect for trainers and teachers wanting to share the information with their students or for anyone interested in learning how to become more confident, courageous and concentrated.  The lecture series includes:

The Fishbowl Effect

8 causes of performance anxiety and the 5 steps you can take to overcome it

Build Your Brand

4 steps to building pre-ride routines to eliminate doubt and disappointments

Ears Forward

6 tricks to recovering from mistakes, mess-ups and missed opportunities

Breakers and Triggers

4 steps and 5 tricks to making confidence and courage a life-long habit

Write Your Own Story

5 ways that positive thinking can help you create your own best version

COST: $350

Fit & Focus YouTube Channel

My private Youtube channel is for anyone interested in step-by-step instruction on how to become more rider fit and focused. Over 100 equestrian sport psychology video tips and 100 rider fitness classes will set you up for a full year of quick cool mental and physical rider exercises!

100 Equestrian Psychology Videos!

You’ll receive membership to my private Youtube channel consisting of an endless variety of quick and quirky mental coaching tips to help you become more calm, cool and confident!

100 Rider Fitness Video Classes!

You’ll receive membership to my private Youtube channel consisting of an endless variety of rider-specific fitness exercises using medicine balls, exercise bands, yoga balls, agility ladder and more!

COST: $350

Mental Coaching Webinars

Groups can join me live for an upbeat and educational Zoom webinar based on my four equestrian sport psychology books. Select from one of many interesting topics and learn how to improve your team’s courage, confidence and camaraderie!

When and Where

Webinars last 75 minutes. Your group picks the day and time and you can join from one or multiple different locations.

Who and What

Invite as many riders as you like! There’s no limit and riders of all ages and levels will love and benefit from it!

What else?

Our webinar will wrap-up with a live Q&A and your group will receive worksheets and a post webinar quiz.

COST: $350

Laine Ashker: American high performance Eventer says:

Behind every great athlete is an even greater mental game. That’s where Daniel comes in. Last year I was struggling to find my balance between the pressure of winning and the vision of being able to do so. Daniel worked with me to re-shift my focus from “winning” to “progressing” and with this new mental outlook I yielded striking results. Learning how to harness the nervous energy and steer it in a positive direction is a large part of what Daniel demonstrated to me. Thank you Daniel!