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The best thing about having it all, is knowing you already do

Riders continually encounter mental and physical challenges and how we handle them greatly influences our ability to succeed. The Pressure Proof College hosts four different online courses, all dedicated to ensuring the mind and body of equestrians everywhere are as strong and confident as the riders themselves.

Each PPCA online course consists of 20 – 30 short self-paced videos, downloadable PDF recaps and short quizzes to test your understanding. Take one course or take them all – and learn how to perform and/or teach mental and physical coaching programs that are as enjoyable as they are beneficial!

PPCA online course are perfect for riders wanting to learn more about their mental and physical development, or anyone wanting to learn how to teach equestrian sport psychology, fitness, frame-by-frame analyses and/or mental coaching clinics.

Rider Fitness

Equestrian Sport Psychology

Frame-by-Frame Video Analysis

Mental Coaching Riding Clinics

Want to join the PPCA coaching team?

We have over 40 Pressure Proof certified coaches working together around the country to improve the frame and frame-of-mind of riders and we’d love you to join us! Simply complete one of these PPCA college classes and then take our instructor-certification course!

Self Paced Online Courses!

Take your time or binge an entire course in a week! Take one course or take them all! The choice is yours!

Rider Fitness – $250

Learn to create and/or teach a series of rider specific fitness classes, courses and circuits that are as enjoyable as they are challenging! Topics also includes performing exercises at the barn (with home and gym variations), injury care and prevention, fitness modalities, stretching, fitness monitoring and how to create a fitness space at the barn! This course consists of short instructional videos, downloadable recaps and short quizzes to test your understanding.

Equestrian Sport Psychology – $250

Learn to perform and/or teach a series of eight motivational and inspirational mental coaching classes, courses and chats that can help any rider unlock their courage, confidence and concentration. Curriculum will cover techniques to overcome fears, frustrations and failures; recover from struggles, stress and show-jitters and turn feelings of hopeless and powerless into hopeful and powerful.

Mental Coaching Clinics – $1,250

Learn to perform and/or teach 13 challenging mental coaching jumping, dressage and cross-country riding clinics. Unlike any other clinic program, Pressure Proof clinics are designed to help riders control their emotions when their emotions start taking control of them. Curriculum includes confidence and courage-building, along with coping, calming, and concentration techniques to help any jumper, cross country or dressage rider.

Frame-by Frame Video Analysis – $750

Learn to perform and/or teach frame-by-frame video analyses of yourself or others on the flat and over fences. Class topics also include how our position influences the performance of the horse; the use of sport-analysis apps and drawing tools; and the development of a mental and physical riding and training program to help overcome the imperfections identified in the analysis.

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Sally Barton former Dartmouth head coach and founder of the Athletic Equestrian League:

Daniel’s rider-specific programs are a must for any serious equestrian. His exercises are a valuable part of the Dartmouth equestrian team and I highly recommend his mental and physical training programs.