Pressure Proof Coaching Team

Great coaches never expect riders to be more excited about learning than they are about teaching.

The Pressure Proof Coaching Team is made up of a passionate group of riders dedicated to helping equestrians improve their mental and physical performance. Working with riders both inside and outside the arena you’ll find them teaching sport psychology seminars and webinars, riding clinics, frame-by-frame analysis and even rider fitness bootcamps! Our coaches have years of experience riding, teaching and competing and understand the many unique demands associated with our amazing, yet often-times challenging sport. These coaches believe that what’s happening between our ears, and what happens below them is the key to your success and would love to work with you!

Below is a list of our current Pressure Proof coaches including their status, location and contact information. Regardless of whether they teach you mentally or physically you’ll be glad they did! I’m their greatest fan and know you’ll enjoy working with them as much as I do!

Mental Coaches + Clinic Coaches

Adria Fix – Portland OR –

Alex Pistocco – Athens GA –

Aliya Corkery – Springfield MA –

Amy McCaffrey – Portland OR –

April Austin – Seattle WA –

Betsy Howell – Traverse City –

Ellen Ward – Austin TX –

Hailey Childers – Reno NV –

Jude Adley – Denver CO –

Katie Simpson – Norman OK –

Kristy Gregg – San Francisco CA –

Kathy Goodman – MD –

Laura Borghesani – Phoenix AZ –

Lauren Filter – Bozeman MT –

Melissa McLain – CO Springs –

Olivia Crespo – Southern Pines –

Rachel Hanzak – North Carolina –

Sloane Rittler – Denver –

Wren Kelly – Carbondale CO –

Mental Coaches

Vanessa Roman – Wellington FL –

Pam Ford – Punta Gorda FL –