Pressure Proof Riding Clinics

Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country

My wonderfully challenging and empowering riding clinics are designed to help riders increase their confidence, courage and concentration by decreasing fears, failures and frustrations; doubt, distractions and dwelling on mistakes. My clinics are as enjoyable as they are motivational and always include a sport psychology seminar, book-signing, Q&A and either a frame-by-frame video analysis or rider fitness bootcamp. Join me and learn how to create strong minds (confidence, courage, concentration), strong bodies (supple, strong, symmetrical) and strong teams (camaraderie, cooperation, communication).

Every year I’m blessed to be able to teach clinics to thousands of riders of all ages and levels and I’d love to teach yours too!

Clinic Information

My Clinics by the Numbers

2-days are usually required due to travel commitment

12 riders per day (all ages and levels are welcome)

3 groups of 4 riders (grouped according to level)

2nd day: Same or different 12 riders (your choice)

4.5 hours riding per day (1.5 hours per group)

1 hour workshop per day (psychology or fitness)

30 minute Q&A and book signing each day

$3,600 flat fee for two days (total of 24 ride slots)

$150 per rider per day covers the two-day flat fee

$0 travel expenses (flight, hotel, car included in fee)

$0 Auditing fees (your group sets and keep all fees)

$0 for extra workshop attendees (included in fee)


Take or Make a Date

My Available 2024 Winter – Spring Dates


Email Coach to be added to the waiting list


My 2023 Fall Clinic Tour

Sept 23 – 24: Sauk Rapids MN

Sept 30 – 1: Hopkinton NH

Oct 7 – 8: Carnation WA

Oct 14 – 15: Martindale TX

Nov 11 – 12: Columbus NC

Nov 18 – 19: Clayton NC

Dec 2 – 3: Carnation WA

Dec 9 – 10: Austin TX

Dec 16 – 17: Littleton CO

Boyd Martin: US Eventing Team Rider says:

Daniel’s mental and physical training exercises would be a great addition to any rider‘s program. I’m a big fan of his and love reading his articles on the USEA website. I send them to all my students because I know everyone can benefit from becoming more confident, focused, and fit… and Daniel’s equestrian sport psychology and fitness programs are a great way to do it!