Private Phone Consultations

One-on-one mental coaching phone or video chats

Sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone who can help you get through the things you’re going through… and that’s the purpose of my private sport psychology consultation program. Riders who experience any emotional challenge; from fears to failing, falling or freaking-out can now speak privately with Coach Stewart by phone or video chat.

The program consists of six 45-minuted private consultations with homework assigned between sessions. Simply email Coach a description of the challenges you’re experiencing then pick the days and times that work best and let coach do the rest!

COST: $500

Frame or Frame-of-Mind

Sport Psychology and Biomechanic Classes

Two amazing programs designed to help improve your knowledge of equestrian sport psychology and/or biomechanics (frame-by-frame video analysis). Join me for a series of seven weekly Zoom meetings to discuss the topic most meaningful to you. Upon completion you’ll have expert knowledge in the subject which you can share with your riding mates or students. Each session lasts 60-minutes and each series (sport psychology or rider biomechanics) occurs several times a year.

COST: $950