Good coaches can change a rider‘s leg. Great coaches can change a rider’s life.

The PPCA coaching team prides themselves on being the only team in the US that specializes in teaching mental and physical coaching classes to equestrians through the uses of sport psychology seminars and sessions; rider strength and conditioning workouts and workshops; frame-by-frame video analyses of the flat and jumping positions (biomechanics); and resilience-building jumping, dressage and cross-county riding clinics. Both inside and outside the arena our team is proud to educate and empower riders of all ages, levels and disciplines to believe that they can build, boost and better their frame (position, posture and physical fitness) and their frame-of-mind (confidence, courage and concentration).

We have an epic team of coaches across the country and hope you’ll join us!

You can become a Pressure Proof Coach by simply completing one of the general-interest courses listed below and then registering for its instructor certification level.  All PPCA students must complete the general-interest course before taking its instructor level.

Mental Coach: Sport psychology workshops, chat-groups, seminars and sessions.

Video Analysis Coach: Frame-by-frame video analyses on the flat and over fences

Clinic Coach: Mental coaching inspired jumping, dressage and XC clinics

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Rider fitness workshops and workouts

Pressure Proof coaches are not required to be trainers, but must ride at an upper level and have an advanced knowledge of the mental and physical demands of riding. Graduation from all instructor courses require demonstration of course content; completion of quizzes and final exam; an annual renewal course and completion of 15 extra-credit hours per year.

All Courses are online and self-paced.

PPCA Certification Courses

PPCA Mental Coach

Join the PPCA coaching team and teach our team’s empowering series of mental coaching seminars, chat-groups, webinars, book-clubs and mini-lectures; and learn to mentally coach any rider through whatever mental challenges they’re going through. Topics also include a variety of sport psychology techniques to help riders overcome fears, failures and frustrations and eliminate hurtful mental challenges like perfectionism and performance anxiety. Public speaking, managing and motivating complex students and marketing will also be discussed.

COST: $1,500

Payment plans available

Video Analysis Coach

Join the PPCA coaching team and teach our team’s frame-by-frame biomechanic analysis of riders on the flat and over fences. Perspectives include the (1) profile of the sitting and posting trot, two-point position, canter and jumping position and (2) symmetry from the front and back while trotting and jumping. Class topics also include the use of sport-analysis apps and drawing tools plus the development of a mounted and unmounted program to help riders overcome imperfections identified in the analysis.

COST: $1,500

Payment plans available.

PPCA Certification Courses

Mental Clinic Coach

Join the PPCA coaching team and begin teaching our team’s twelve mental-coaching show jumping, dressage and cross-country clinics. We’ll spend our time discussing how to build and present this unique series of challenging yet upbeat and enjoyable flat, jumping, team and hybrid clinics. All twelve clinics have been designed to help riders of all ages and levels boost their resilience and self-belief… by teaching them how to increase their courage, confidence, calmness and concentration while decreasing the impact that fears and failure; mistakes and missed-opportunities; and disappointments and defeats have on them.

COST: $1,500

Payment plans available.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Join the PPCA coaching team and teach our team’s nine equestrian fitness and rider bootcamp programs. This course is a great compliment to the biomechanics instructor course but can also be taken as a stand-alone certification. We’ll spend our time building a variety of fitness classes that are as enjoyable as they are challenging and a series of rider-specific strength and conditioning programs that have been designed to be taught at the barn, but with home and gym variations. Other topics will include building and teaching injury prevention lectures plus courses on the importance of warming-up, cooling-down, stretching, fitness monitoring and safety.

COST: $1,500

Payment plans available.

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Lucinda Fredericks: Silver Medalist and winner of Burghley, Badminton and Rolex says:

Daniel has put together a wonderful mental coaching program and I know riders everywhere will really enjoy and benefit from it!
Lucinda Fredericks