Strength and Conditioning Camps

Four-Day Dry Land Training Camps for Equestrians

Equestrians are athletes, and like any athlete can improve their success by dedicating themselves to a well-rounded strength and conditioning program. Join me for an unforgettable four day equestrian dry-land-training-camp consisting of inspiring workshops and workouts. Training camps are open to riders of all ages and fitness levels (anyone who is in shape, or anyone who is a shape is welcome!) Days begin early with a wakeup-workout, team-breakfast and daily briefing followed by workouts, workshops, team-meals, fitness excursions and special evening events.

Please note, camps are horseless so we can focus on our development as athletes.

Workshops and Workouts

Equestrian strength-and-conditioning camps include over 36 hours of workouts and workshops that are as empowering as they are exhausting! Your time at the training camp will include a variety of classes that’ll help you treat and train yourself like an athlete and build your very own fitness program to take back to the barn!

All training camps include:

  • Sport psychology, team-building and leadership workshops
  • Strength and conditioning seminars and workshops
  • Learning the importance of developing rider-specific exercises
  • Building equestrian bootcamps that you can take home to the barn
  • Learning to use mounting blocks, buckets, lead-lines, etc as fitness equipment
  • Understanding the importance of athlete nutrition and building a meal program
  • Injury prevention workshops including warm-up, stretching and care techniques
  • Equestrian yoga, mindfulness and relaxation workshops
  • Exercise excursions including sunrise, stadium and even beach workouts
  • Special evening-events including movie nights and team building classes

Eat, Sleep and be Fit!


Tuition includes accommodations that vary from college dorms to semi-private hotel rooms. Regardless of your accommodations you’ll have a roommate so please pack accordingly. Riders who prefer a private room can request a room upgrade for $450. Towels, bedding and toiletries included.


Tuition includes all meals. Healthy proteins, fats, vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates make up the choices in the all-you-can-eat buffet. Gluten and dairy-free options plus vegetarian and vegan choices will always be available. All meals will be team-meals.


Riders of all ages, levels, disciplines and fitness levels are welcome. A $500 deposit is require to confirm your spot on the roster. The remainder is due one month prior to camp. Payment plans are available.

COST: $1,650


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Sally Barton former Dartmouth head coach and founder of the Athletic Equestrian League:

Daniel’s rider-specific programs are a must for any serious equestrian. His exercises are a valuable part of the Dartmouth equestrian team and I highly recommend his mental and physical training programs.