Living life like someone left the gate open!

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay… it’s not the end.

The mission of the Pressure Proof Coaching Academy is to provide equestrians, teams and trainers with mental and physical training programs to build a strong frame (supple, strong, symmetrical) and a strong frame-of-mind (confidence, courage, concentration). Motivated by the belief that our head, heart, hips, heels, hands and health all contribute to our success we develop programs that help riders turn struggles into successes.

An equestrian for over 40 years, Daniel Stewart combined 25 years as an international coach and clinician with a degree in physical education to create a series of equestrian clinics, lectures and training camps. As the internationally acclaimed author of Pressure Proof, Ride Right, Fit and Focused, and Bolder, Braver, Brighter he’s widely considered one of the worlds leading experts on equestrian sport psychology, athletics, and performance. He teaches clinics to thousands of riders each year and is the equestrian sport psychology and rider-fitness consultant to many equestrian associations. Coach is incredibly grateful to Trafalgar Square Publishing for sharing his words with riders everywhere. Click on an image below to order one or all of Coaches books!

Turning Setbacks into Comebacks

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